Spring menu 2018.docx


S T A R T E R S  &  E N T R E E S


   Bread    $1.8 each DF

boat house ciabatta, EVOO balsamic & honey reduction

Olives    $7 DF GF

selection of house marinated olives


Freshly Shucked Tasmanian Oysters    each / six

Naked with lemon    $3.6 / $20 DF GF

Today’s flavour $4 / $22 CHANGES DAILY

Kilpatrick     $4.2 / $24


Charcuterie Plate    $18 GFO

House cured harissa beef,  smoked kangaroo loin,

coffee cured duck breast, pickled fennel & gherkin salad & wasabi mayo


 Beef Cheek Crepes    $21

 Asian style braised cheeks, wakame slaw, Mentsuyu dressing,

kimchi with sesame crumble


Five spiced fried squid    $19 GFO

Miso & tahini sauce, orange sweet soy drizzle


Chowder      $18.5 GF NO BREAD/ TRACES

our famous boat house seafood chowder, scallops & prawns


Dukkah Dusted Cured Salmon    $19 GF

Pickled cucumber, ginger & mint yoghurt with radish salad


Seafood Taster    $22 GFO

Five spiced squid, Boathouse chowder

& Dukkah dusted salmon


House Pickled Stanley Octopus    $ 20 GFO

Fennel cucumber & caper salad with pickled mayo

Mushroom Orecchiette     $ 19

Orecchiette pasta with sautéed mushrooms tossed with chevre, rocket & herbs pecorino & drizzle of Truffle oil


P R I N C I P A L   /   G R A N D E   /   M A I N

           Chemoula Scottsdale Pork Loin    $35 GF

  Apple & snow pea salad, ginger mint yoghurt
& red capsicum jus


           Confit Duck Leg    $39 GF

 Honey & 5 seed crust, pickled fennel, swede salad,

beetroot carpaccio & basil pesto


        Vegetarian     $29 GF VEGAN NO HONEY

 Honey & linseed glazed sweet potato, baby carrots,

beetroot carpaccio, cauliflower cous cous & green pea puree


Our Char-Grilled Steaks     GF

 roasted chat potatoes, caramelized onion & spinach puree

 horseradish sour cream & red wine jus
(optional house made coffee rub)


             local grass fed porterhouse (300g)    $36

 scotch fillet (250g) $37

local eye fillet (220g) $37


        Char-Grilled Awaze Chicken    $30 GF

Ethiopian Spiced chicken, green pea puree, besan cake,

red capsicum jus & enoki salad

  Fish and Chips    $30

             beer battered fresh fish of the day, thick cut boathouse chips

                pickled mayo slaw salad and house made tartare 

Five spiced fried squid
   $32 GFO

Miso & tahini sauce, orange sweet soy dressing, thick cut Boathouse chips,

Pickled mayo slaw

 Derwent Valley Lamb Shoulder $30

Slow braised lamb ragout tossed with orecchiette pasta,
roasted fennel, pecorino & parmesan cheese

      G U A R N I C I O N / A C C O M P A G N E M E N T / S I D E


      shoestring fries    $8 GF


                beer battered fat chips            $9


       salad greens, mustard dressing, grana    $8 GF


       wilted greens $9 GF


              oven Roasted Potatoes      $9 GF


         medley of vegetables with cauliflower cous cous $10 GF


           Sautéed Swiss browns & spinach in butter $12 GF


  S E T   M E N U

    available to groups of four or more

$46 per person


       S H A R E   P L A T T E R S

        a selection of boat house specialties


  Ciabatta, Antipasto

     5 spiced squid, Persian hot smoked Huon salmon


M A I N   C O U R S E

each person please select from the following


Fish and Chips

beer battered fresh fish of the day, thick cut boathouse chips,

pickled mayo slaw salad and house made tartare


Sirloin of Grass Fed Prime Tasmanian Beef

roasted chat potatoes, caramelised onion & spinach puree

 horseradish spur cream & red wine jus


Chemoula Roasted Pork Loin

Apple & snow pea salad, ginger mint yoghurt

& red capsicum jus